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Jon Kelly 
Lead Vocals


Jon has been the lead vocalist for The Kelly's since 1980.  He is also the only original member of the group still traveling. He began as the drummer for The Kelly's at the age of 5, and after 15 years he began singing the lead part with the group. 


After the retirement of most of the original members, Jon took on the title as the group's Master of Ceremonies. He is also the acting manager for the group, taking care of the booking engagements and general business. His strong lead vocal gives the group a very distinctive, unmistakable sound. 


Jon and his wife Joni make their home in Lawrenceburg, Tennessee. They have two daughters, Jenna and Jantzen. Jenna is married to Bryan Sanders and they have two sons, Tru and Theodore.

Paul Walters 
Tenor Vocals


Paul Walters sings Tenor and he became a Christian at an early age and has been singing since he was 6 years old. He received voice and music training from Rev. Elzie Smithson, who taught the Vaughan method. After singing with family and local groups,  Paul joined The Kellys in 1988 as their tenor singer.  This marked a new era for the group as a male quartet, since for many years they had been a mixed group.  

Paul is a prolific songwriter and has had many songs recorded by the group.  As a result of his writing, he has a publishing contract with Sparks-Freeze Music.  Some of Paul's songs recorded by The Kellys include "Point Me In The Right Direction", "Loud On My Cloud", "I Know The Man", "Are You A Soldier", and "He, Now Is Risen".  


Paul and his wife, Malinda, reside in Lawrenceburg, TN and have one daughter, Jaclyn, who is married to Zach Fye.  Paul also has one grandson, Gabriel, and another grandchild on the way.

Eric Harvey 
Bass Vocals


Eric joined The Kelly’s in January 2001 as the group's bass vocalist.  He has been singing since he was 15 years old. Eric has five years of formal training in voice from various noted college professors and professional vocal coaches.  


Eric holds a Master’s +30 Degree in Elementary Education and Instructional Technology from The University of North Alabama.  Eric is the 5th Grade Social Studies teacher at Mt. Pleasant Middle School of the Visual and Performing Arts.  He also operates the recording studio at the school.


Eric and his wife, Melanie, make their home in Lawrenceburg, TN and have two sons, Eli and Jace.

Keith Wortham 
Baritone Vocals


Keith Wortham is the newest and youngest member of The Kellys.  Keith graudated in 2008 from Community High School in Unionville, TN where he was active in Band, Drama, Student Council, and Fellowship of Christian Athletes/Students.  He now attends Belmont University in Nashville, TN.

He is an active member of North Fork Baptist Church in Shelbyville, TN.  Keith first met The Kellys when he was five years old and at that time, he had the privilege of singing with the group.  He has been singing Gospel Music ever since and think Southern Gospel Music si the greatest music there is.

Before joining The Kellys, Keith sang tenor with The Cavaliers Quartet for just over a year.  He is now the baritone singer for The Kellys

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